Omega Messenger - Alternative Small, Quick and Reliable Instant Messenging for MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ Networks
Omega Enterprise Manager - Easy to use invoicing and inventory management
Advanced System Optimizer A multi-functional system performance & optimization suite
Insourcing / Outsourcing - Got some complex part or whole project in a specific field you need to get done?  We specialize in getting things done for yesterday.
Office Integration Solutions - Microsoft Office is now part of every business as well as Microsoft Server technologies, we are specialized in integrated solution to enhance and are able to allow you to add missing features to meet your corporate needs.
Hosting and Search Engine Optimization - Reliable complete solutions to get your business online

"Truly, unbelievably competent coders. Understand every angle of a project, they are  patient with customers, and comes up with solutions in no time. I'm really impressed, and recommend them highly!", Jean-Guy, France

"There knowledge and willingness to help is just outstanding.  I have worked with many previous contractors before, but this has to be one of the best project that I have worked on.  Will definitely use this company again for future project.", Gabe, USA